Sampling Tuscan produce

In the Chianti area, history and art are complemented by excellent wine and rich culinary traditions that are certainly worth exploring. For everyone, Chianti is certainly synonymous with wine, but visitors quickly realize that this area has much more to offer. A rich variety of cheeses, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, local salami and prosciutto, also made with "cinta senese" meat. The numerous wineries and farming estates located in the vicinity of Villa il Santo open their doors to visitors interested in learning about the traditional art of wine-making, handed down from father to son, and in savoring their products. Guided degustation tours will let you discover the myriad flavors this land has to offer.

Villa il Santo is no exception. Enzo is a wine and oil expert and will be delighted to guide you through our olive groves, vineyards and cellars, give you an insight on production methods and have you taste our Chianti DOCG red wine. And if all this tickles your curiosity enough to make you want to learn how to prepare the tasty Tuscan dishes, you may sign up for the cooking courses also organized at the Villa.

If you wish to enjoy our wine and oil once back at home, or send them as a gift to someone special, just give us your instructions and we will ship our products directly.

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